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Quick Tip: Rawurlencode in Twig

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I’ve been working on modifying listserv digest emails at work and porting them to Twig templates. The fun part was trying to create mailto: links that mimicked hitting reply (auto populating the subject with RE: [post title]).

The problem with just jamming the title in to the ?subject= param is all sorts of fun like spacing and special characters. Turns out that you can use a Twig filter to urlencode a variable: Twig - urlencode filter

Under the hood Twig’s urlencode filter uses php’s urlencode. If you use the urlencode filter you may notice one slight issue, spaces are converted to + instead of %20. According php.net the solution here is to use rawurlencode instead of urlenccode. Well how do you go about calling the rawurlencode filter if it doesn’t exist?

RTFS! I couldn’t seem to find out why rawurlencode wasn’t an available filter and really didn’t want to roll my own, it turns out if you read the source you fill find an nice undocumented feature. Instead of creating a new filter for rawurlencode all you need to do is pass true to the urlencode filter!


Next step is to make a pull request and update the docs to be more verbose!